turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia


This is Santander’s territory

Nowadays, Santander is a reference of tourism in Colombia. A wide offer in hotel industry, gastronomy, entertainment, events, air and land connections, health and beauty services, establishes the department on the radar of places to visit.

turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

The theme parks in the south and in Floridablanca, the formalization of the provision of adventure sports in San Gil and the promotion from the departmental administration of Santander as a region brand, have undoubtedly been the great drivers of the industry without chimneys.

Today, Santander is on the list of destinations to visit. Tourism business, for example, is the main reason for traveling to Bucaramanga. Almost 93% of travelers between December 2018 and February 2019 arrived in ‘La ciudad Bonita’ attracted by investment, business meeting or conferences (3.3%). In turn, the arrival of foreigners raised 4.1% in the last year.

Aratoca - turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

In 2018, 8,200 companies dedicated to trading sector, hotels and restaurants were created in the region; meanwhile, the GDP generated by this sector, hotels and restaurants increased 2.9% between 2016 and 2017, according to the latest measurement of Bucaramanga’s Chamber of Commerce indicator.

Zapatoca - turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

Tourism in the region, as it was not a decade ago, today is a generator of a wide chain of direct and indirect jobs, contributing significantly to regional competitiveness.

The following is a guide of places, products and services that will make your visit to Santander unforgettable.

turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

Santander tourist routes

These are some suggested routes to travel Santander in the best way. There is from adventure tourism to sustainable tourism.

turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

The unforgettable of Santander

Here you can find the best of each of the provinces of Santander, what stands out from each and the best of its culture.

turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

The best of the tourist offer

Are you looking for a hotel, a place to spend the day, a shopping mall or a spa to relax? Here are the best options in Santander.

turismo en Santander - tourism in Colombia

Discover Santander

Santander is a region in Colombia that breathes tourism. An amazing area, full of charm and adventure, rich in biodiversity and history.

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